My name is Oscar Zamora and here are majority of the social media I use.  Granted the Facebook and Twitter accounts are connected to my blog so their may be repeats.  I’m slowly getting the hang of this interacting phenomenon.  Challenge thee I may.  I don’t drink poison or bath in other peoples’ blood, which may or may not make sense.  The goal I want to use social media for is to learn from others through collaborative interactions.  If you want to collaborate on something lets do it!  Or if you want to add me on any of these feel free:

WordPress Blog:

This incorporates what’s happening in my brain.  Piecing words and artwork together, explaining some pieces in depth.



All my experiences involving education, skills, jobs and interests are here.


Personal YouTube:

“Having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card.” -PBS Arthur.  I like having fun and showing it.  Ranging from singing, dancing, drawing, sport stuff and other adventures.


Artist YouTube:

This YouTube differs from the personal one by being strictly focused on art, process and sharing the experience.



Sometimes when I’m sketching to get out of artist block I share here.  Also like playing with the different filters.



A branch in case people don’t follow my blog I can get a hold of them by using this. (You may see repeats if you do follow my blog and this and Twitter).