bowtie-greenOscar Zamora was born in Palm Springs, CA and raised in Glenwood, MN.  Drawing by tracing coloring books, checking out How-To-Draw books from the public library and practicing during class.  It was the ultimate escape into his own world where anything was possible.  He’d create portraits that were emotionless, cartoons that were shaky and sketch shapes to pass the time.  In the early years, he was the shy one who kept to himself, the broken one who always cried and the angry one who hated life.

Arlene Chatfield, Great-Grandmother, was one of Zamora’s greatest influences in life.  She gave him hope with every hug along with warmth and love by introducing Christ. Focusing on these virtues Zamora became slightly more open, stronger and wiser.  It wasn’t until college he truly flourished.

North Dakota State University fall  of 2007 opened many doors to explore in the art world.  An endless playground full of love and dedication.  Drawing and Painting became main interests.  Experimenting with the combination of performance and painting has allowed certain hardships to become null and void.  Exploring different combinations, techniques, materials, style and socialization were endless. Picasso, Cezanne and Close were big influences when it came to painting portraits.  Spring of 2012 Bachelor of Science in Visual Arts is obtained.

Portraits begin to flow with common materials including Color Pencil and Ink.  Sentimentality Art Show displays these portraits in the Spirit Room gallery, Fargo, ND.  Exploration in the many newly found faces begin as new materials and style transition.  At this point Zamora is the smart one who can over think any possibility, the strong one who can breakthrough any obstacle and the happy one who always lives life taking others along for the ride.

To find out more check out his blog.

Email: ogzamor@yahoo.com


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