Art is about the experience.  Since we experience so much in one day, art is everywhere.  The sound of wind beating against the window.  Heater thumping a rhythm almost tribal.  The lighting on all the screens of technology being used.  It’s all waiting to be captured and explained.  Dust on boxes leaving residue on your hands taking away or showing negative space.  It’s all there it’s all around.  The areas I will be focusing on include: Portraiture, Illustrations and Landscapes.


People Portraits


Animal Portraits

To capture the emotion placed on people.  As well as to emit emotion in the process of creating portraiture.  Windows in the eyes to the soul.  Marks of history riddled all over the face.  Color in as color shifts.  Lines of story.  The face is hardly a finished face.  Certain features stand out more and are relatable to other faces.  Animals on the other hand are just fun to play around with.  Color experiments, placement, accuracy and relatability.

Illustrations, story boarding, character designing and animation are all areas I plan on venturing more into.  Illustrations have so much detail they could tell a story all on its  own.  Story boarding is like tiny box sketches relating to different perspectives, movement and action.  Character designing tend to come across as sketches where I’m practicing face proportions, emotions, poses and color.  Animation helps combine everything and takes the most time to learn.  Cartooning has been a dream ever since I was a child.  It’s a process that takes a lot of time and energy.  The biggest cartoon I’ve made thus far is called Sooper.  It took months to complete.



When working on landscapes I tend to think of where I would want to be.  These places would normally involve solidarity, serenity and beauty.  My mind is more at ease when I place myself in these landscapes.  Relieving stress, anger, depression and loneliness.